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SPEAK 2014 Activities & Events
SPEAK exists to help raise awareness about the critical issues and lingering needs within our communities facing children and youth, women and their families and the poor through the use of technology, multi-media tools, activities, events and programs. The goal is to produce positive change in the lives of those whose voices are not being heard and needs are not being met.
UPCOMING EVENTS: Packing Duffle Bags for at-risk youth and young adults; Project SERVE-it; Coupon Campaign; Room Makeovers; 2014 Super Single Mom Contest;

2014 Calendar
SPEAK Spare Change (Tin Can) Campaign
  • Consider starting a Campaign at your church
  • Contact us or make your own recycled and decorative  
  • glass, plastic or tin container
  • Fill them with coins and small bills
  • Collect from your group and return to SPEAK
Your efforts will help SPEAK reach its goal to provide housing, job training and much more to young adults in need. Contact us at SpeakforTWC@aol.com for more info.
Ongoing SPEAK Activities & Events
'Show Some Luv through SPEAK Month' 

Winter/Spring SPEAK Youth
Join us as we: discover our gifts and talents; use our talents to help others in the community; learn about ways to help raise awareness about needs in the community; and do fun projects
Project SERVE-it
SPEAK is filling more Care Bags 
If you would like to impact the lives of young adults in need, bring one of the following items to a designated drop-off location: a large duffle bag; personal care items; Dart cards; Pre-paid phone cards; USB flash drives..
Singles Seeking First Launch
​Coming Soon to You through a Brand New Facebook Page and other Social Media!


 National Foster Care Month 

There are more than 700 children, teens and young adults in foster care in Delaware!
More than 120 young adults age out of foster care in Delaware each year!

Graduation Celebration for Youth aging out of foster care  
Help us raise awareness and do something very special for a youth/young adults aging out of foster care in our community. SPEAK has pledged to give a Care Bag Gift to each graduate- 48 total. 
Chick-fil-A at Christiana Mall Spirit Night Tuesday May 6th from 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
​Destined for Greatness Event Monday May 12th

An Extra Special Gift
Help SPEAK raise awareness and do something very special for a young adult aging out of foster care in our community. More info coming soon!
​Become a Volunteer
Become a Foster Parent
Become a Mentor
Become an Advocate
July - August
SPEAK Youth Summer Program

Join us in 2014 as we spend time:

Developing Good Character

Discovering our Gifts and Talents 

Using our Talents to Help Others
New Beginnings

Happy 4th Birthday to SPEAK!
SPEAK Women’s Program Pilot 
This Program offers a Volunteer Business Internship in addition to some of the following classes: Basic Computer; Personal Development; Spiritual Enrichment;Nutrition Education and more!
Monthly Community Volunteer Projects
Join us as we serve others in the community!

October Volunteer Service Projects:
Event Volunteers Needed-
Join SPEAK as we pack duffle bags filled with personal items for youth in foster care and those who are aging out of foster care. Dates coming soon!!

Contact SPEAK to volunteer as part of a huge craft project for National Adoption Month 2014!
National Autism Awareness Month
Wednesday April 2, 2014 World Autism Awareness Day

SPEAK and Autism
Help SPEAK raise awareness and do something very special for a child with autism in our community. More info coming soon!
For more information about autism and events this month, click on the links below.
Autism Speaks 
Autism Society - Greater Phila.
National Institute of Neurological Disorders...
Speak for Those Who Cannot Programs, Inc.
Raising Awareness.. Meeting Critical Needs...
Click Here  to visit the SPEAK Blog to read about One Family's Autism Journey.

Summer in the City & Beyond Initiative

Learning Program and Business Development

Gaining Computer Skills

​Building a Competitive Resume 

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November - Give Thanks!

November is National Adoption Month. See what's happening:
November 2, 2014 - Orphan Sunday visit www.OrphanSunday.org 

SPEAK Community Choir rehearsals - 
Saturday mornings from 9:30am - noon

Volunteer at SPEAK - Saturday mornings from 9:30am - noon
SPEAK Christmas Store
More Info Coming Soon!

Dates for SPEAK Community Choir singing engagements coming soon!
SPEAK Christmas Cards on Sale NOW!
Project Care Bags Video!

GET INVOLVED !!! May is National Foster Care Month. In Delaware there are almost 800 youth in foster care. There are more than 420,000 youth in foster care in the United States. Thousands of teens age out of foster care each year. Join Girl Scout Caroline K. and SPEAK as we support her efforts to provide large sturdy duffle bags to youth in foster care. Over 100,000 youth are free and waiting to be adopted out of foster care. DO SOMETHING BEFORE THEY AGE OUT TOO

Visit the NEW SPEAK Summer Fun Page 
To find out about SPEAK summer programs and more!


2014 SPEAK Youth Summer Program: Monday June 23, 2014 - Friday August 1, 2014
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